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Chakra Illumination

  • 45 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Online or client's home

Service Description

We hold traumas (samskara) in our bodies as cellular memory. As this information travels through the nervous system and the meridians it is projected through a chakra into the luminous field. The luminous field is our beacon to the world. What it broadcasts is what we attract and the lens of how we perceive the world. Chakra illumination heals at the source of the issue. It is not about the story, but rather about the impression of the emotional identity embedded in the body. Once the chakra is cleared out it stops projecting the old stories the individual can see with clarity. The wounds we have received in the past offer us depth of personality and a source of compassion. Clearing out samskara from a chakra offers space for change. We realign with synchronistic energy lines to attract what is healthy and live with an open heart.

Contact Details

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